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| Sunday, December 24, 2006

Links to work 2006

It really is amazing how one door closes and another opens, I was fortunate enough this year to experience some great theatre projects. That meant allot to those of us involved and to those that came to experience it.
I was able to be part of these projects as there were complications in getting back to New Zealand this year (fortunately we went back in November) initially I was devastated as I hadn't seen my family for along time, however. ...I was able to perform in Maine and just before we left for Maine in June I auditioned for "The Boys". It all works itself out eventually.

I first of would like to start off with the links to those people who have helped me pull my self together this year.
First my husband;

whose talent never ceases to amaze me. It really is something when you live with somebody and listen to them sing every morning..And yet any time I turn to the ipod..All I want to do is listen to his music.

Second, Joe Larue
Who unfortunately for us and our dog Byron moved out to LA this year. We miss him.
However the man is brilliant and a genius with just about everything!. And thanks to Joe I have a wonderful website!


And last but not least Sande Shurin. My incredible acting coach, who has just helped bring me to a different place with my acting. She is such a gifted magnifivent woman, I am glad that I have had the good fortune of coming accross her.