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Thank you to @kristen_vallejo_photography for these wonderful photos


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Gus and I had the pleasure of shooting for Chew Beads. Such lovely women and such a great gift idea. Gus just loves his/ mine. He likes to chew on them...and he LOVES to wear them.

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"As the lovers Sarah-Jane Casey and Peter Saide are intense and alive and livid throughout, and probably very bruised. Nick Flint's direction and Natalie Lomonte's choreography are sufficiently shocking and sensual, leaving the audience as emotionally exhausted as the actors must be physically." - Catherine Rampell, NEW YORK TIMES "Under the swift direction of Nick Flint, the play, now at 59E59 Theaters, is a fiery and fantastical 60-minute exploration of what relationships are, have been, and can eventually become." - Eric Sundermann, VILLAGE VOICE "This is terrific theater." - Alix Cohen, www.WOMANAROUNDTOWN.com "Powerful choreography and performances..." - Adrienne Urbanski, THEATRE IS EASY

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NOV 8 - DEC 1 One Year Lease Theater Company presents SKIN TIGHT By GARY HENDERSON Directed by NICK FLINT 'THREE CHEERS FOR THE SMALL BUT AMBITIOUS ONE YEAR LEASE THEATER COMPANY - FIRST-RATE ACTORS AND DYNAMIC PERFORMANCES!' The New York Times Skin Tight, by acclaimed playwright Gary Henderson and directed by Nick Flint, is a moving and magical love story, both passionate and brutal. This One Year Lease Theater Company production is set in New Zealand and encompasses dance, an original score and extreme physicality. The running time of SKIN TIGHT is 60 minutes, with no intermission. $25.00 (59E59 MEMBERS $17.50) Tue, Wed and Thu 7:30, Fri and Sat 8:30, Sun 3:30 No performance 11/22 Additional performance 11/24 at 2:30, followed by a talk-back This show may not be appropriate for ages 16 and younger due to adult situations and sexuality.


BRIDGE In the 2012 Big Apple Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas
For more details on Bridge please visit this Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bridge/275769679205820

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I've been busy with a baby! Our son, Gustav Bejamin Casey Schonfeld was born July 15th, 2012
AND NOW... SKIN TIGHT By Gary Henderson. I will be performing in this Beautiful, Dynamic, Passionate play at 59th East 59th Nov 8th-Dec 1st. We are (One Year Lease and myself) so happy to be doing this New Zealand Play, after been involved in many Australian Plays here in New York, it was very important for me represent my native country...especially now the little one is here, I must keep my New Zealand roots! I have love this play from the moment I read it and I am so looking forward to sharing it with others.